Day four drama!

Later on today, John was in a crash. He didn’t have a concussion or anything like that, but he had a cut over his eye that was bleeding, and He ended up getting a hairline fracture in his radius. Ouch! He looks really cool, but he’s not riding tomorrow and he might sit out the rest of the trip.

The picture you see is not or John, but is of a pig truck outside of white oak vineyards. There are wineries in Iowa.who knew!


Day four: Boone to Altoona

We slept in till 6:00am this morning after staying up late watching Hairball and walking 1.3 miles back to the campsite.

So far we are all in varying degrees of soreness by the first town (Slater). However we all managed to scarf down a 4$ bowl of biscuits and gravy in under a minute.

The weather is actually comparably good today with the overcast, but we’ll probably get rained on before the day is over.

Another plus for me, AT&T actually has coverage here in Slater. Allot More to come today!

Day two: Atlantic to Carroll



Today was cooler but a bit hillier, and I’d trade humidity for hills any day. We had Danish crepes in the shade of a windmill from Denmark for breakfast.

We also went to a hausbarn that was brought from Germany and reconstructed brick by brick. We had our most interesting food of the day there: saurkraut-chocolate-beer cupcakes. Not bad at all!

There was a creek by our tent which we went into to cool off before solar showers. These don’t seem like much (plastic bag with hose attached) but they’re really great inventions! Now Ryan and I are off to explore downtown while everyone else sleeps. Fun!