Day 3

I’m sitting in a middle school in Boone,IA. Dirk and I rode in a couple, three hours ago after biking 71 ish miles.we are now kind of anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ryan, Jen and John, because they went an additional 29 ish miles to get in a century…100 miles on a day. and it is beastly hot out. theres a hot weather advisory. so if one of them blogs tonight-you’ll know they made it:) don’t forget to check the picture page!

made it to iowa!

we have the tent set up.  john and laurie are chilling in the Glenwood library because it is NASTY hot and humid out. Dirk is driving to the east side of iowa so the truck will be waiting for us at the end of the ride. He’ll be back tomorrow, getting a ride back across the state with team short-bus. you goya love ragbrai names!